Türkiye’s Top Exporters Honored

​President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the 31st Ordinary General Assembly of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and Export Champions Award Ceremony. Highlighting the remarkable increase in total exports and record-breaking achievements in 2023 and the first five months of 2024, President Erdoğan stated, “I would like to thank each of our 150,000 exporters for delivering our products to all corners of the world. As I always say, we see our exporters as the vanguard of trade diplomacy, pioneers, and flag carriers of the Turkish economy abroad."

President Erdoğan emphasized exports as the driving force of the Turkish economy, highlighting the significance of a production-based growth model that prioritizes exports and job creation to ensure the country's economic stability and growth. He noted Türkiye's achievement in 2023, reaching a record-breaking total of USD 355 billion in exports, comprising USD 255.4 billion in goods and USD 101.7 billion in services.

At the event, President Erdoğan presented awards to​ top exporters in the goods, services, and e-export categories. The ceremony was attended by Minister of Trade Ömer Bolat, Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Şimşek, Minister of Family and Social Services Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş, and Minister of Youth and Sports Osman Aşkın Bak.

Minister Bolat reaffirmed the Ministry of Trade's commitment to supporting exporters in accessing new markets, exporting value-added products, and enhancing global competitiveness. He congratulated all exporters for their innovative contributions on the international stage and extended special congratulations to the award recipients.​

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