Delivery Hero

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​​​​​​​Founded in Berlin, Germany in 2011, Delivery Hero has become a worldwide leader in the online food ordering business. The company serves over 17 million users, has operations in 33 countries, and partners with more than 271,000 restaurants,. Delivery Hero has received a record number of 127 million orders in the first three quarters of 2016 alone.

Delivery Hero Founder and CEO Niklas Östberg has been active in internet businesses for over a decade. Currently focusing his efforts on online food ordering, Östberg works at the helm of a large team that managed to carry Delivery Hero to a top spot in less than five years. The company's headquarters in Berlin plays host to a staff of 1,000, and Delivery Hero employs more than 3,000 people worldwide. 

Delivery Hero excels at helping its users receive their desired meal in the easiest possible way. The company prides itself on key benefits such as providing choice, convenience, reliability, and quality. With a mission to transform the food and beverage industry, Delivery Hero has raised more than USD 1 billion to date from like-minded investors who share its belief in the same mission. 

Delivery Hero is a parent company that brings together more than 20 successful brands. Among its leading brands is Yemeksepeti – a pioneer in the formation and development of the e-commerce industry in Türkiye, and one of the first online food ordering platforms in the world.

In 2015, Delivery Hero acquired 100 percent of Yemeksepeti's shares, which at the time were valued at USD 589 million. Labelled a record investment, this takeover stood unmatched as the biggest investment in Türkiye's internet sector at the time. The acquisition seamlessly integrated Yemeksepeti into Delivery Hero's business. Allowed to maintain its established brand identity, Yemeksepeti has been propelled today to reach a record growth rate of approximately 70 percent in its 15th year in business. Yemeksepeti serves more than 6 million users and is constantly adding to its current 13,000 restaurant partners.

Among the many factors that influenced Delivery Hero's move to invest in Yemeksepeti are the latter's successful performance, operational competence, loyal customer base, and innovative business model in Türkiye and other countries in the region. Delivery Hero's move was made easier thanks to the attractive dynamics that Türkiye offers: a young population that is both tech-savvy and quick to adapt to innovations, combined with a market with huge potential for growth.

Delivery Hero CEO Niklas Östberg made no secret of Yemeksepeti's role in their success story. “At Delivery Hero, we subject a lot of companies in this industry to careful scrutiny. We never came across any other company that could come close to Yemeksepeti's performance metrics. The fact that they are consistently achieving impressive growth rates even in their 15th year gives us motivation and inspiration in what we do. Yemeksepeti is a truly outstanding company with a proven business model in Türkiye and the region. Their dynamic team with an innovative approach to business and the entrepreneurial genius of their executives make Yemeksepeti an essential part of Delivery Hero's success story."

​Yemeksepeti CEO Nevzat Aydın added, “We have been able to establish a business model that left people wondering 'How did we ever manage without Yemeksepeti?' This achievement was crowned in our 15th year with a perfect acquisition. We have received many offers from domestic and foreign investors over the years, but we kept waiting for the right time and right partner. Finally, in Delivery Hero, we decided to go with a partner that we believe has similar global objectives, business approach, and corporate culture. Now, together with Delivery Hero, we are able to expand to a larger region with our experience in the industry, technical know-how, and unique innovative business approach. We take great pride in this success story."​​