Maximilian G. F. STAHL

​​​​​​CEO, VHV Türkiye​​

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Having been active in the Turkish market since 2012, VHV Reinsurance provides insurance and risk management solutions to their corporate clients, mainly in the fields of construction, commercial property, heavy industries, and energy. Representing an S&P A-rated German Insurance Group established in 1919, we promote highly-developed corporate governance standards and have benefitted from a liberal and reformist investment climate. In this respect, we strongly believe in the continuation of sound economic policies that will be a prerequisite for the sustainability of a benign investment climate. The presence of more than 45,000 companies with foreign capital and USD 150 billion of FDI in the last decade underscores the past and present prominence of Türkiye's domestic market, as well as its significance as a regional hub. I am confident that Türkiye's resilient economy will maintain its attractiveness in the long-run.​​