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​​​​​​Avanti Communications Group plc (Avanti) is a Ka-band satellite operator that delivers high-speed data communication services across Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, including Türkiye. Avanti has invested over USD 450 million capital in its HYLAS-2 Ka-band satellite, with 25 percent (USD 112 million) of that capacity allocated to cover Türkiye. Avanti's satellite will deliver high-speed telecommunication services in support of Türkiye's ICT and broadband objectives. 

Encouraged by the Turkish government's policies to attract international satellite operators to build their Gateway Earth Stations (GES) in Türkiye and with the Investment Office's ​advice, Avanti in 2013 along with its Turkish partner Profen Group, a leading global satellite communications company, announced the establishment of a Turkish GES to manage the HYLAS-2 Ka-band internet traffic in Türkiye. The GES - locally referred to as a 'Teleport' - will manage the traffic for HYLAS-2 and provide 100 percent coverage over Türkiye. Avanti is the only international Ka-band satellite operator to secure a GES inside Türkiye, guaranteeing data security within Türkiye and providing secure high-quality data connectivity for enterprise and retail customers. The GES will be owned and operated by Profen's ICT Telecommunication.

Primary objectives and investment plans in Türkiye

In 2013 work began to build and operate the Ka-band GES facilities in Konya with an estimated USD 15 million invested by Avanti and Profen for the two teleport sites (a primary teleport and a back-up teleport). The sites offer local employment opportunities with high-skilled engineering jobs that will undoubtedly provide a progressive step for the economic development of the ICT sector in the Konya region. 

As part of its plans to roll out broadband services in Türkiye and to compete in the market, Avanti and Profen have positively engaged with Türkiye's Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) to seek guidance and authorization to enable the GES to be fully compliant with Turkish regulations. The design of the GES takes into consideration the government's requirements to provide broadband services whilst also protecting families and youth utilizing communication traffic within Türkiye. In addition, a primary objective of the GES is to respect lawful interception and national security requirements in relation to electronic communications services and networks.

The establishment of the Konya GES will enable Turkish-licensed telecommunication ISPs to start providing secure, high-quality data connectivity Ka-band satellite services via the HYLAS-2 satellite to consumer and enterprise customers in Türkiye. Commenting on the investment, David Williams, CEO of Avanti said, “Avanti is proud to become the sole international Ka-band satellite operator to secure a Gateway Earth Station inside of Türkiye. This is a pioneering investment from Profen, which will benefit a number of applications."​

Meanwhile, Profen CEO Önder Havuzlu said, “We are pleased to be taking a significant lead in the telecommunications market with this move. Ka-band services have enormous potential in Türkiye. Our operation of the Gateway Earth Station will ensure provision of highly secure, quality data connectivity to government, enterprise, and retail customers in Türkiye." ​​